Thursday, April 7, 2011

Birthday List

Sadie is thinking ahead.  She was quite caught up in Sam's birthday last week and her little wheels have been spinning ever since.  Over the past few days she's been writing up a birthday list so that I will know just what to get her when her big day rolls around.  I have plenty of time -- Sadie's birthday is not until July!  :)  Just in case you have a hard time reading this cute five-year old scrawl, here is a translation:

Birthday List
Curling iron and blow dryer set.  A bike.  2 bags of Kit Kats.
A lunch box.  and what ever you want to get me. 


rob said...

Wow, what are the odds? Sadie and I have the exact same brthae llst!

Aaron & Nancy said...

Priceless! Maybe she should send Bruce a bday invite. He should be done recovering from the one he has on June 12th by then.