Tuesday, April 5, 2011

A Day in Our Capital

Saturday we spent the day in Springfield.  Spencer received an award for a story he wrote for a contest sponsored by the EPA.  In the morning we toured the capitol building and then went on a quick walk through the Illinois State Museum.  Then we attended a reception and the awards ceremony for the contest winners.  We spent the afternoon with some friends who live in Springfield, watching Conference, sharing a yummy meal, and just catching up.  There were plenty of groans about having to go in the first place, but I'm pretty sure we are all glad we went in the end.  I am.  It was a nice day.

Inside the capitol dome.
I think this was in the ceiling of the Senate chamber.
Exterior view, capitol building

Lincoln's farewell address when he left Springfield for Washington DC.

Spencer with his winning story - the reason for our fun day out.

Capitol, partial front view.  A beautiful building.
I almost forgot to share our biggest laugh of the day...  While on the tour of the capitol building, we saw the Hall of Governors where they have large painted portraits of each former governor of Illinois.  The last portrait shown is of George Ryan.  Someone on the tour asked, "Where is Blagojevich?"  The tour guide quickly replied, "If he wants his picture up, he has to pay for it himself!" (Due to the national media tour Blagojevich embarked on after his impeachment, you are probably aware of the situation and why that is funny!)


rob said...

When iss it capital and when is it capitol? I never know...

Karey said...

Capital is the city that is the seat of government. Capitol is the building.

Beautiful capitol building. We went there on our trip back east several years ago. Looks like a fun day. Nice reward!