Monday, November 26, 2012

At Least She Was Quiet About It

See this cute little tea party? This is for Sadie's stuffed animals. She has it all set up in the toy room right now which is right where it should be.

Unlike yesterday...

Yesterday when we left for church, Sadie had Teddy in her arms (as usual) and a bag of other stuff. I didn't bother checking the bag because she sometimes brings a coloring book or church magazine or an extra outfit for Teddy so I figured that's what she had in there.

Imagine my surprise when, right in the middle of Sacrament Meeting, I looked over and Sadie had this tea party (minus the table and chairs) set up on the pew. What on earth? There was only one child between me and her so she was very quiet as she set it all up. I had no idea. Mean mom that I am, I made her put it back in her bag and sit reverently on the bench for the rest of the meeting.

But it's kind of funny now.


rob said...

Tea in church. That's a first.

Lori said...

i guess she figured if she was quiet it would be okay to set up her tea party in church...? Cute.

Karey said...

She's a stealthy one. Good thing she's so cute.