Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Saying Goodbye

Last night we said a sad goodbye to Absa. Because we were asked to be a "Welcome Family," we hosted her for a little over the first 2 months of her stay. We loved having her here. She is the most respectful, calm, easy going girl and we enjoyed the time that she was in our home. It was fun showing her things for the first time and learning about her culture.

Absa is joining a family who has one child, a daughter her age. I'm sure she'll get a lot more attention and there won't be nearly as much chaos in her new home. (Things get pretty crazy around here on a daily basis!) We look forward to inviting her over and keeping in close touch throughout the remainder of her time in our little corner of the world. It's been a great experience.

All our best, Absa, as you start on your new adventure! We'll miss you.


Karey said...

Great picture! We're not very smart. I don't think we have a family picture with our Turkish son.

cstowell said...

Please tell Absa we are so glad we got to have her as part of our extended family for a while!

Anonymous said...

Hope Absa is happy in her new home.