Saturday, May 4, 2013


Oh, how I wish you could have seen our high school production of Anything Goes! It was polished and funny and oh-so-good! Savannah played Hope Harcourt and Sam was Moonface Martin, public enemy #13. We had tickets for Friday night's show, but when I dropped Spencer off on Wednesday night (the church youth were seeing the show for their activity that night), I realized that's where I wanted to be. Jeff was away at meetings so I drove straight home, picked up the youngest three, and we attended opening night together. Then, of course, I figured I might as well stay to see it again after I finished selling tickets on Thursday night. Friday we all went with several friends of ours. And tonight Jeff and I had a date to see it one last time on closing night. So I saw it all four nights and it was fresh and funny every time!

Here are a few pictures that were taken earlier in the week during dress rehearsals. The set is not quite finished, but you can get a pretty good idea of the costuming. (The show takes place in 1934 aboard a cruise ship.)

Savannah and Sam are right of center.  Sam is in disguise (a priest's robes) because he's a wanted man.

Sam looks so different with his dark hair. He was show-stealing FUNNY!!

Savannah's character was engaged to marry this English gentleman. Hope is very sweet, but torn because she is in love with Billy who stowed away on the ship to see her.

Savannah's voice was perfect for her role. Her songs were beautiful!

{All photos were taken by Scott Brooks}

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Karey said...

This looks so fun. I wish I could have seen it too. Savannah looks so pretty and Sam looks pretty good as a brunette. Glad you could enjoy it every night. It's hard to miss things like that even for one night.