Saturday, March 29, 2014

Welcome to the Eagle's Nest

Sam was awarded his Eagle Scout pin last night at a special Court of Honor. Several friends and teachers came to support Sam. We don't have any family within 1,000 miles, but I think Sam felt like he was surrounded by family last night.

My good friend Jessica made the amazing cake pictured below. She wanted to do something special for Sam and, boy howdy, she went all out! Her mother-in-law, also a good friend of ours, provided the supplies and Jessica put in the long hours. Isn't it awesome? Sam loved it!!

Let's look at that a little closer!

While I will admit that Jeff was much more involved than I in getting Sam to this point, I gave Sam a big push at the end to finally finish the last of his requirements and get those papers filled out and turned in. Sam showed the video below as a fun hats off to all the scout moms out there. It is a clip from "A Century of Honor" commemorating the 100 year relationship between the Boy Scouts and the LDS church. 

My nephew, Jacob, had his Eagle Court of Honor last weekend in Utah and my sister made these adorable Eagle cookies. She sent me a photo and I couldn't resist. I had to make some, too. They were a big hit! (Don't look at them too long or they start to look like Gonzo from the Muppets. Ha!)

Several of Sam's favorite teachers came out to support him. Rather than request the traditional letters from the President of the United States or other political leaders acknowledging his accomplishment, I asked those who have mentored Sam over the years and had an impact in his life to write him a note. While I knew Sam would love the letters (he did!), I loved reading them just as much. Sometimes it's easy as his mom to worry about him and how he's ever going to navigate the big world outside our door. Well, if the letters he received are any indication, Sam is going to be just fine! There are a lot of people out there who think the world of Sam. He's really making a splash in this world and has made the lives of many, many others a lot better for his being in it.

Sam with his AP Chemistry and Physics teachers
Congratulations, Sam!!

Now go set your little corner of the world on fire...wherever you may be!

{Now if you'll excuse me for just a minute, I'm going to jot down a few notes to myself so I remember some other details from the evening to help me when I have to plan another of these events.... 

Our scout troop posted the colors and led the Pledge of Allegiance. Savannah sang the National Anthem. After a simple program, Sam said a few words, showed the video, then was presented with his award. I read parts of several letters sent to Sam then Jeff said a few words about his time with Sam in scouting.
A small table displayed a handful of photos of Sam at various camping trips and scouting activities. Food consisted of cake, eagle cookies, four other kinds of cookies (1, 2, 3, 4), a veggie tray and tortilla wraps. The drink was a choice between water and lemon water. (Lemon Water = 1 gallon water, 2 cups sugar, 2 T citric acid, 1 T lemon emulsion [or 2 T lemon extract] - I prefer to use the emulsion: no alcohol and it goes further.) We were expecting a table display from another troop, but it didn't show. No one missed it. Letters were requested from Sam's favorite teachers throughout his school career as well as Dr. Rossi from ESO. They were beautiful letters! Through a connection, I was also able to get a letter from The Piano Guys who Sam has looked up to for quite some time. He was completely surprised and thrilled! They also sent an autographed picture. A letter requested over a month ago from NASA's online request form for Eagle acknowledgement didn't come. No worries. Sam loved the personal connection letters so much more! :) }


Kristin and Jay said...

Congrats Sam! way to go! I love the letter idea Missy, hope I can remember that in the blink of an eye when Benson is there...

Peggy said...

Congratulations Sam. Wish we could have been there.