Monday, February 23, 2015

Dear Jeff,

Dear Jeff,

Thanks for the saw. No, I'm serious. I really like it and I'm excited about the cool things you can cut out for me! It was just a passing comment -- "Look at all these wooden shapes people are selling. I think we should get a scroll saw so you can cut cute things out for me when I want to make something." And then, Voila! a scroll saw appeared. I know it's used and didn't cost much, but that makes it even better. You must have gone out of your way to find it for me. This isn't the first time this has happened, of course. It happened with that used MINI Cooper we saw back in 2009 that now looks so at home in our garage. It happens when I'm overwhelmed with housework and the next thing I know, the dishes and laundry are done and the floors are mopped. It happens a lot. Kind of makes me feel like my wish is your command. :)

I really am excited about the saw.


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Kristin and Jay said...

I love your posts, I haven't checked in for a while....Glad to hear Jeff is treating you right!