Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Baby Shower Appliqué

My friend, Jen, threw a baby shower for a mutual friend. Jen is super fun and has so many great ideas. The decor was bright and cheery and the food was simple but yummy. The only thing missing was the typical baby shower games.

Jen hates those games. :)

Instead, she purchased baby onesies in various infant sizes from newborn to about 12 months. Thinking ahead, she got long sleeves in the sizes that would likely be worn during the cooler months and short sleeves for the rest. She laid out sets of cute coordinating fabrics, some pre-cut stencils and paper backed iron-on adhesive. That's where the party guests went to work.

We traced the stencils onto the adhesive paper (or drew our own design), ironed it onto the fabric of choice, cut out the shape, peeled off the paper and ironed it onto the onesies. It was pretty simple, but super fun! The finished onesies turned out so cute. I love how Jen had them displayed on the wall as part of the party decor.

I made the "Y" (for BYU, of course!) and the giraffe on the right.

Inspired by this project, Sadie and I decided to dress up her plain gray pajama shirt. We love how it turned out!

We went one step further and stitched around each piece...because one ear barely survived the washing machine. This photo was taken after two or three washings. It is holding up well.

Thanks, Jen, for the idea and the fun baby shower project!

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