Friday, August 7, 2015


When Sam was little, he loved construction vehicles. He knew them all and would call out their names every time we passed through a construction zone. When he was in grade school, I bought him some pajamas that said CONSTRUCTION ZONE with a front loader on the front. The bottoms were pretty busy with the words OSHKOSH, CONSTRUCTION and MACHINERY all over them along with outlines of bulldozers, cement trucks and other construction vehicles.

Sam loved these pajamas and, as they got passed down, so did each of the other boys. When they were finally placed on the discard pile, I couldn't let them go without taking a picture of the rear panel. Centered across the bottom was the word MACHINERY, only it was cut off so all you could see was HINERY.

Yep, right across their bum. It cracked me up everytime!

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