Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Welcome, Baby Bowen

I have a new nephew! My youngest brother, Jeff, and his wife welcomed little Bowen into the world on Saturday morning. 

He's a miracle, this one. He was due in two weeks, but Katie's water broke late Friday evening so they went to the hospital. When baby's heart rate kept dropping, they performed an emergency C-section. Bowen weighed in at only 3 lbs. 14 oz. even though he was practically full-term. Somehow, he stopped receiving nourishment and so he wasn't growing. It's a blessing Katie's water broke when it did or little Bowen probably wouldn't have made it. 

He'll spend some time in the NICU, at least until he gains some weight, but otherwise he's perfect. Everything is fully formed, he's breathing on his own and his body systems are all functioning properly. We're so grateful! 

Welcome, little Bowen. We can't wait to meet you and cuddle you up. 

Baby Bowen. Sterling decided his middle name should be Arrow. You know, Bowen Arrow.
Sounds like something Sterling would come up with. (That's not actually his middle name...)

Grandma feeding Bowen his half-ounce meal. 

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