Friday, March 18, 2016

Random Acts

Back in September, I posted about a show on BYUtv called Random Acts. For a while it looked like the idea had been abandoned, but we've just learned that it's happening and the first episode airs on April 4th!

At first we had the impression that the show focused on setting up situations to catch other people doing something good. Now it looks like the focus is on providing random acts of kindness for unsuspecting strangers. Either way, it sounds like a feel-good show that we're excited to watch! Here's a trailer --

If you were really paying attention (Sadie was the only one that caught it here), you might have seen Savannah near the end. It's super quick, but she makes a brief appearance right at :48.

We can't wait!


Peggy said...

Very cool! Love it!!! And Savannah was cute!

cstowell said...

Here's hoping Savannah's spot gets air time!!