Monday, February 13, 2017

A Private Showing

Our family enjoyed our own private screening of The Lego Batman Movie tonight. The kids have been super excited to see it, but we were worried it might be busy just three days after the opening. We decided to chance it and were pleasantly surprised to find that we had the theater all to ourselves. I don't know whether to chalk that up to life in a small town or the fact that it's a school night. ;)

The movie has several laugh-out-loud funny moments and references. There are even a few 80's music clips. (Gotta love 80's music!) The kids didn't love the show as much as they love The Lego Movie, but that's one of their favorites so it'll be hard to beat.

I had a hard time staying awake (it's been a LONG day!), but it was fun to see Batman as a family, on a school night, just for fun. I'm glad we went!

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Lori said...

The Lego movie was pretty great. Im excited to see the this new one though too.