Friday, February 24, 2017

Drive Your Tractor To School Day

Today's the day! It's "Drive your tractor to school" day. This is what I saw when I dropped my boys off at the high school this morning. 

Ag classes are a big thing at the high school and many of these kids have been raised on the surrounding farms. It's in their blood, so it's nice that they let them bring their vehicle of choice to school once a year.

This phenomenon is new for me. I didn't see many, if any, tractors in my suburban Utah upbringing. But in Small Town, Illinois they are everywhere. This is where my kids come from and that makes me smile.


Kristin and Jay said...

This is the best day of the year! How fun that they do that. Do they allow extra time to get to school? ;)

cstowell said...

How fun is that! Grandpa should have been there to enjoy it also!