Sunday, March 5, 2017

Praying for Sunshine


Remember Sam and Savannah's snowy drive to Provo back in January? Well, today was the sequel. Savannah went to Idaho for the weekend to see her cousin's new baby and spend time with friends and family. Somehow, today's weather forecast was misleading and she ended up in a blizzard before she was halfway home. (It's amazing how quickly my anxiety flares up when I learn one of my kids is in danger!!) Luckily or maybe miraculously, with about 2 hours to go, she found a friend she could stay with for the night and they'll drive the rest of the way together in the morning.

We're praying for sunshine!


Denise said...

How how well I understand this post!!!

And.....I haven't been reading blogs ..... annnnnnnnddddddd ..... I MISS yours! Your posts make me happy....and with my overloaded plate, I, too, need a dose of remembering to be HAPPY during this time.

Thanks for the reminders ... and the fun uplifting posts!

Lori said...

clear skies today!

Peggy said...

Wow! Savannah is quite the traveler!!!