Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Where in the World? Spencer Edition


Here we go again! Spencer's mission papers have been submitted and he's waiting for his mission call. It'll probably take two or three weeks so we're taking guesses while we wait. Leave a comment below with where you think Spencer will be assigned to serve for the next 2 years. (For a list of all 421 missions, click here.) We did this with Sam back here. No one guessed correctly that time around (Arizona Mesa Mission). Maybe we'll have better luck this time!

I'm excited for Spencer. I know he'll be a great missionary! If you want more information about the missionary program of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, here's a pretty good overview. You can watch a 5-minute video about missionary work here.

Here are the guesses so far, in no particular order:

1. Texas
2. Finland
3. Hong Kong
4. Ireland
5. Brazil
6. Guatemala
7. Chile
8. Australia
9. Switzerland
10. Japan
11. Arizona
12. Malaysia
13. England
14. Alaska
15. Albania
16. France
17. Iowa
18. Russia
19. California
20. Hawaii
21. Mexico
22. China
23. Spain
24. Scotland
25. Argentina
26. Denmark
27. Florida
28. Democratic Republic of the Congo
29. Jamaica
30. Estonia
31. Czech Republic
32. Vancouver, Canada
33. Honduras
34. Ecuador
35. Louisiana
36. Utah
37. South Africa
38. Germany
39. South Korea
40. India
41. Washington DC

Keep them coming! I'll update the list as we go. 


Lori said...

canada vancouver. where i was born and raised.

missy said...

Awesome! Thanks, Lori! :)

Peggy said...

I don't see my guess there

(Or Shadow's!!!) :)

missy said...

Sorry, Mom! I have your guess on our poster, but must have missed it when transferring everything over to the blog. I just fixed it! :) And no, Shadow's guesses didn't make it on the list. We'll just keep it to people for now, not pets. ;)