Wednesday, September 15, 2021

So Far So Good (Flashback: April 1, 2009)

So I’ve been the mother of a teenager for several hours now and so far we’re doing okay.  It hardly seems possible that 13 years have passed since we brought this guy home – and I remember thinking at the time that I couldn’t believe they let us out of the hospital with a baby (as if we knew what we were doing) – but now we can hardly remember life before Sam was a part of it.

So here’s a big Happy Birthday to our Sam with 10 things we love about our favorite teenager.

10. Sam is willing to try new things, especially when that means spending time with Dad.

9. Sam is very smart and always does well in school.

8. Sam loves his family and can be very kind to his siblings. Yes, I said “can be”.  We all have our bad days…

7. Sam has an interesting perspective about many things.

6. Sam loves to have fun and is as silly as they come!  Never a dull moment when Sam is around!  Do you think maybe that has something to do with being born on April Fool’s Day?

5. Sam has always loved to play games. He loves to win, but is a good sport when he doesn’t. I can always count on Sam for a game of Phase 10, Five Crowns, Blokus, Rummikub, Rack-o…

4. Sam is a movie star!  He was an extra in the Joseph Smith movie that came out a couple of years ago.  (It’s shown in the Legacy Theater in Salt Lake and in Visitor’s Centers.)  It was a great experience, but he hated the wig!

3.  Sam is becoming quite the accomplished violinist.  He’s been playing for about 6.5 years. He’s not crazy about solo numbers, but loves to play with the University orchestra and is always willing to share his talent at nursing homes to the delight of the residents there.  I love it when he and Sterling play duets, accompanied by Savannah.

2.  Sam has a tender/spiritual side.  He is honest to a fault (unless he’s sneaking extra time on the wii) and always tries to do what is right. (This is one of my all-time favorite pictures. I love the butterfly net over his shoulder…)

1.  Sam is just an all-around-great-kid!  He is loved and respected by many.  The conductor of the orchestra commented the other day that to see Sam’s smile each week makes the blood, sweat, and tears seem non-existent.  His teachers have often told me how much they enjoy Sam in their classes.  Sam is one handsome guy and we’re so glad he’s ours.  We love you Sam and hope you had a great 13th birthday!

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