Monday, June 6, 2011


Whether it's teachers to thank, birthdays to celebrate or new babies to welcome, we've had plenty of reasons recently to give gifts to some pretty important people!  Here are a few of the things we've come up with:

We made this sign for Sterling's teacher.  She's big on kindness!

Soren's teacher is remodeling a home and his new kitchen has a retro look.  We came up with four designs for a set of glasses to fit the theme.

I also had the kids write thank you notes to their teachers because I think personal notes from the kids mean more to teachers than anything else:

This one was for one of Sadie's little friends:

Savannah had several little gifts for her friend (i.e., lipgloss, nail polish, chocolate, necklace, etc.)  so we used an idea I learned from a friend and was reminded of on a website recently. (Wish I could find the link!)  We took a large can of pineapple slices (any can with a tab top would work as long as you can get the bottom off), opened the bottom of the can with a can opener, emptied the fruit, cleaned out and decorated the can then filled it with the gifts and hot glued the bottom back on.  The bottom looks pretty messy, but we covered it up with a circle of matching paper.  The recipient just pulls back the tab to open the can and retrieve the gifts.  Super cute and fun!  (We tried to use colors to match her room in case she wanted to save the can.)

And finally, a personalized sign for a sweet new baby girl.  Her mom and I collaborated to come up with something just right.

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