Thursday, June 30, 2011

Notes From the Road

We have happily arrived at our first destination in Utah.  Yippee!!  I'll spare you the painful details of our 2+ hour delay once we arrived in the Salt Lake Valley.  There was a lot of sitting and not going anywhere in massive traffic with closed roads and lots of confusion, but we were so happy to finally pull into my sister's driveway and spend an enjoyable evening with her and her cute girls.  The kids are all snuggled in their beds and I have no doubt that we'll all sleep very well tonight!

I just wanted to share a few of the funnies from our travels so far:

While driving through Kansas City, Sadie said, "This kind of looks like France.  I see the Eiffel Tower."

A random comment from Sadie somewhere in Kansas, "What if they called Chicago Chi-frog-o?"

At a very hot and humid rest stop in Kansas, Soren announced, "If I was a liquid, I would evaporate quick!"

The most important lesson learned so far:  Do not give Sadie a bottle of flavored water and ask her to only drink a little bit.  She will drink the whole thing and then have to use the bathroom every 20 minutes.  Then she'll ask for more water and repeat the process.  If only bathrooms were conveniently located every 20 minutes... 

I'll add photos in the morning!  Good night.  :)

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