Wednesday, November 23, 2011

On Pioneer Speak and Alpha Males

You just never know what you'll encounter in my little corner of the world.

This morning, my little Sadie climbed in bed with me and said, "Good morrow.  How now?"  She informed me that's how the pilgrims said, "Good morning.  How are you?"  Her 1st grade teacher told the kids to speak in pilgrim language until after Thanksgiving.  After lunch she asked, "What's for sup?"  What a nut!

I came home from running errands this afternoon to a very tearful Sterling.  When I asked him what was wrong, his explanation started with, "When Spencer and I were fighting for Alpha Male..."  Then Jeff chimes in from the kitchen, "I thought I was the Alpha Male."  Apparently there's a little too much testosterone around here!

Welcome to my world.  :)


Karey said...

Blogs are so great to keep track of some of the funny things that happen in our homes.

I hope you had a fantastic Thanksgiving. Thanks for being my cyber-friend. I love catching up with your family and wish we all actually knew each other!

Kristin and Jay said...

ha ha ha ha! I love it.

Anonymous said...

Good Pilgrim Speaking, Sadie!