Monday, November 7, 2011

Wak Upe and Tim To Go To Scooll

Sadie is an author.  She found this blank "Little Golden Book" sitting in our cupboard and she went right to work.  I'm pretty sure the little girl in the book is fictional.  At least I hope she is!  (To get the story 'Sadie style,' read everything in blue.  See below each for the translation.)

Wak Upe and Tim To Go To Scooll 
Wake Up and Time To Go To School
by Sadie Stowell

Wans there was a girl ho lovd to sleep and she only likte to sleep wenevr it was tiem to go to scooll. (yon)
Once there was a girl who loved to sleep and she only liked to sleep whenever it was time to go to school.  (Yawn.)
She nevr liket to go to scooll ethr. (I dont wonto go to scooll.)
She never liked to go to school either.  (I don't want to go to school.)

She didint like to do her wrek befor scooll. (No.)
She didn't like to do her work before school.  (No.)
At scooll she was rele bord.
At school she was really bored.
But at reeses she was not bord.
But at recess she was not bored.
She hadid math. (I hat math.)
She hated math.  (I hate math.)
She never likt to do homewrke. (I hat homwrke.)
She never liked to do homework.  (I hate homework.)
She never likt to do rednig ethr. (I hate rednig.)
She never liked to do reading either.  (I hate reading.)
But thar was u problum and the problum was evre time she wus dun with hr homewrke she had nuthig to do so she just wokt unrond the hase. (I hav nuthig to do.)
But there was a problem and the problem was every time she was done with her homework she had nothing to do so she just walked around the house.  (I have nothing to do.)

But wen dad was hame she wus not bord ene more.
But when dad was home she was not bored any more.
She lovd to sit necst to him drig dinr.
She loved to sit next to him during dinner.

She wontid to play a game wath him but he was to bisy.
She wanted to play a game with him but he was too busy.
She wantid to play oteside with him but he wus to bisy.
She wanted to play outside with him but he was too busy.
And so she was bord agane.
And so she was bored again.
She askt hr dad to tuc hr in and so he did.
She asked her dad to tuck her in and so he did.

She never had a drem onle sumtims.
She never had a dream, only sometimes.
Wen she wok up she wod allwase wok to hr moms and dad room.
When she woke up she would always walk to her mom and dad's room.
Then hr dad wod aske if she wontid brekfest and she sad yes. (yes.)
Then her dad would ask if she wanted breakfast and she said yes.  (Yes.)
Then she wod lay arownd doig nothig.
Then she would lay around doing nothing.
An then she wod hav lotse of fun.
Then she would have lots of fun.
Then she was bord agene.
Then she was bored again.

The end
(What a sad story!)


rob said...

A real page turner!

Lori said...

love the spelling.

Denise said...

I love children and their ever thinking minds!