Wednesday, June 15, 2011

My Soren

Oh, how I love this boy!!  Soren is 8 years old today (already?) and here are some pretty great reasons why I love this awesome kid:

1.  Soren has the face of an angel and skin like peaches and cream.  I know it sounds funny to say, but he is just so soft!  I love to kiss his perfect little cheeks!
2.  Soren is as smart as a whip.  He totally gets math and is also an excellent reader.  He also writes well.    His teachers go out of their way to tell me what a pleasure it is to have him in class.

3.  Soren is funny.  He has his own little spin on the world around him and I love to see his interpretation of things.  Here is his version of The Sacred Grove (or at least how his imagination gets him through long meetings): 

4.  Soren is a blessing.  You may remember from this post that we were told Soren would likely be born with Down Syndrome.  He obviously wasn't and we are so thankful for him and his health every day.

5.  Soren is tenderhearted.  He knows the right thing to say when someone is down and he tries to help when someone is having an off day.  I'm always impressed by his thoughtfulness.
6.  Soren is genuine.  He's not afraid to express joy or fear.  His enthusiasm is contagious and he can melt the toughest heart with his compassion.

7.  Soren is fun.  He loves to play games and is a good little opponent.  He enjoys inviting friends over to our house and is considerate and fair.  He is a good friend.
8.  Soren loves spending time with me (and vice-versa!).  From tucking him in at night to cuddling during a movie, he is my little buddy and I can't imagine my life without him.

I love you, Soren.  Happy Birthday!  I'm so glad you're mine!

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