Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Vacation: The Whole Stowell Gang

One of the best things about our almost-annual trek west is spending time with extended family.  This year was no exception.  With all of the Stowell brothers and their families congregating at Grandma and Grandpa's, there were 35 of us which made for a lot of fun.  (A lot of food and a lot of work, too, but lots of fun!)  There was plenty of catching up to do, crafts to make and games to play.  Grandpa even managed to get all 35 of us to look at the camera - and to look happy about it - at the same time!  We're all spread out between Illinois, Colorado, Idaho, Washington, and Utah, but I'm glad we could all connect for a few days.  This is a great bunch of people!

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Karey said...

Looks like everyone was enjoying themselves. Extended families are great. I love my kids connecting with their cousins. There is such strength in a good family.

And you're the center of attention!