Friday, September 30, 2011

BYU Football is Bad For My Heart

If I end up with heart problems, I'm blaming BYU.  I don't know why the football team insists on waiting until the very end of the game to squeak out a win, but I'm sure glad they pulled through tonight. 


I was more than a bit worried when Utah State, on the very first play of the game, ran 80 yards for a touchdown.  And I was more than a little thrilled when BYU, with 11 seconds left, caught it in the end zone and walked away with the victory.  I felt bad for Utah State as the cameras showed the look of defeat and disbelief on their faces.  But only for a minute.  Then I just felt relief that we managed to pull off a much needed win.

Go Cougars!!  If it's not too much to ask, could you please go a little easier on my heart?

10/1: This just in -- a photo from my brother who was at the game with Jeff and the boys.  Looks like a great time to me!

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Karey said...

I KNOW!!! I agree with you. They need to pull it together earlier and save us the stress. I'll bet ESPN is hoping they keep the games exciting though.